Love and lust for visionary seduction.

We're not trying to hit on you. We're just selling you a product, and that product is advertising. With us, you get that sense of creativity, all wrapped up in a comfy cozy blanket of assured quality. So let's hook up – and let's flirt with intriguing ideas to create thought-provoking results that truly speaks to the heart and soul of a person.

When three becomes one

Mantra is a group of subsidiary companies specialising in a bevy of brand communications in both below and above-the-line. Bedding a fine blend of brand communications through a holistic approach of innovative ideas driven by result-oriented activities.

Always eccentric. It's electric.

We know the best could always be better, even when the hardest could be harder and the smoothest could be smoother. Driven by passion, integrity and the love for anything different, that's our view into the art of crafting ‘The Big Idea'. We help you realise that the best part comes between wanting and needing when it's less about consuming and more about feeding information.

  • King's Ice Cream Tub Relaunch

    F&N King's

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  • Archidex 2013

    Malaysia Timber Council (MTC)

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  • Healthy Enery That Last Campaign


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  • Volcano Foam Men Expert


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  • 2nd Phase Launch Campaign

    F&N King's Grand

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  • The Garden Website

    The Garden Shopping Center

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  • Caring for Your Home Team

    Johnson & Johnson - LISTERINE

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  • Go Nuts!


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Design Interns

Artists are usually able to work their magic when in isolation. So, going from the four walls of your room into a studio that oozes creativity is a big step from where you are now. Make your next move count because your art is your ticket to impress.

Account Servicing Interns

Industry experts believe that good looks are just as important as communication skills in this job position. But we’re not shallow like that. In fact, even if you have supermodel looks, your chances are exactly the same as the girl next door.

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SoSo Studio

Web Dev · Marketing

About the project

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What we did

  • UX Design
  • Corporate Idendity
  • Social Media Marketing
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